Navigate Your Transition

How are you managing change in your life and organization?

Five Questions Before You Sit in The Chair of Leadership

Are you considering taking on the Point Leader role in your organization? Make sure you answer these 5 questions.

What’s MY “What’s Next?”

I love helping leaders navigate what's next. Here is MY what's next.

How are You Investing in the Portfolio of Your Life?

You have more agency that you think in where you are headed. Start to seize it with this exercise.

How to Double Your Success in Your First Year as a Point Leader

The first year for a Point Leader can set the tone for success. How can you get that tone right?

At the Dam of Your Life--A Transition Exercise

Are you facing a transition in your life? This exercise will give you pause to navigate what's next.

Two Questions to Narrow Down Your What’s Next

When we are considering what's next for our career, narrowing questions can focus our future.

Three Questions People Are Asking When the Leader Leaves

When a leader leaves, questions get asked. Be prepared to address these three.

Traversing the Trapeze Bars of Transition

Change is simple; transition is hard. How can you help yourself and the team you lead make the leap with confidence?

The Shift You Make One Second After You Decide To Leave

You have decided to leave your job. What is the shift you have to make in the first second after that decision that will help you finish well?

How to Get Out of Decision Stuck

Decision Stuck is when we face a tough decision–such as buying a home, or changing a job, or making a move–and we just can’t make the call. How can we get out of Decision Stuck?

How to Jump the Curve in Your Mid-Life Transition.

As we near our midlife transition, a powerful principle threatens to surprise us, slowing us down, sap our strength, and positioning us to decline in the second half of life. How can we avoid that?

How are You Leveraging Your Next Lap?

In the race of your life, how are you handing off the baton for the next lap?

One Lesson Leaders Can't Miss About Change

Savvy leaders recognize that all change carries this one thing.

How to Have a Hall of Fame Transition

When you are considering a career transition, walk through these powerful tools to gain clarity and direction.

How Naming What's Next Gives Clarity to Your Transition

Sometimes moving from one season to the next, in our life or with our team, can feel scary. Shapeless. Overwhelming. Unending. One tool that can give shape? Naming what's next.

Sabbatical Obstacles

Not everyone is on board with the idea of sabbatical. There are common objections that can lead us to a version of a sabbatical that does everything but restore souls.
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