Five Questions Before You Sit in The Chair of Leadership

Five Questions Before You Sit in The Chair of Leadership
Thomas Thompson
April 12, 2022
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So you are considering The Chair.

Are you ready?

I work with clients who are navigating what’s next in their lives, their leadership, and the teams they lead.  And often they are facing a choice about taking the Point Leader role in their organization.

CEO.  Executive Director.  President.

I call these roles The Chair.

Because sitting in these positions will carry a weight and challenge unlike what they have carried before.  Their whispers carry weight.  Their decisions decide fates.   And their time takes a toll on them, and those they love.

Years ago, when I took a Point Leader role, I thought, “Finally, I will be able to execute the vision I’ve had, I’ll be able to wield power for good like never before.”

I was wrong.

The secret about The Chair is this:  Sitting there is not about greater power, but greater responsibility.

You are being asked to serve at your HIGHEST level of serving for the good of the organization, your team, your stakeholders, and your clients..

This means you have to lead YOURSELF at a higher level than you ever have before.  What got you here will not get you here, so your self-leadership will need leveling up.

It’s easy to assume that continuing to move up the ladder is always the right choice. But savvy leaders self-evaluate. They have a better answer for the question, “Why do you want to become the CEO,” than “Because that’s the next highest spot.”

So again, Are you ready?

A key step in gauging your readiness for the Chair is to take an honest run at 5 questions.  These questions will not only assess your motivations, but prepare you for the interview.

  1. What will being the CEO bring me that I don’t currently have?

  1. If I don’t step into this role, what does that mean for me?

  1. What am I uniquely wired to bring to this role?

  1. What would stewarding this position well look like for me?

  1. I know that what got me here will not get me there, and so the biggest challenge I will have to overcome in my own self-leadership in this role is…

Take some time by yourself, and with those impacted by your decision (aka your loved ones) and walk through these questions with unflinching honesty.  

Because before you ever sit in The Chair, you need to sit with the weight of evaluating yourself.

That’s leading yourself well so you can lead others well.

I help Point Leaders navigate what’s next in their lives, their leadership, and the teams they lead.  If I can serve you in this, reach out to me HERE.

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

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