Top Questions I’m Asking Point Leaders

Top Questions I’m Asking Point Leaders
Thomas Thompson
April 12, 2022
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Most point leaders have no one outside their organization to help them navigate.

That bothers me.

So I make it my aim to come alongside these leaders as a Trusted Advisor, helping them navigate what's next.

And while every leader faces unique challenges, I’ve found that most need someone asking them the questions they aren't asking themselves.

When I meet with a potential client, I am getting curious about where they are facing a gap I can help them close.  To identify that gap, I dive in with key questions.

Here are the top questions I’m currently asking CEO’s, ED’s and Presidents:

  1. What keeps you up at night?  What gets you up in the morning?

  1. Walk me through your top layers of your company.  Who is a leader besides you that you need to develop? How are you developing leaders of leaders and managers of people?  

  1. Do you have clarity around what’s next and what’s most important right NOW for your company?  How well does your team share that clarity?

  1. Are you happy with the culture of your company?  What changes to your culture do you want to make?

  1. What one thing are you trying to do that you just cannot right now?

  1. How are you leading yourself well?  Where are you NOT leading yourself well?

  1. How are you performing as a leader?  How do you know?  Would you give me access to your team to let you know the answer to that?

  1. What are you stressed about most as a leader?

  1. How are you avoiding burnout?

  1. Where are you realizing that what got you HERE is not getting you THERE?

One of these questions gave you pause.  Mostly because you realize you do NOT have a good answer.

Then ask this sobering follow-up:

What is it costing you, your team, and your company to NOT have a good answer to that question?

That cost is probably higher than you think, and it is worth investing in your leadership to close that gap and keep leveling up.

Thomas helps leaders navigate what’s next in their leadership, lives, and teams.  If he can serve you in this, reach out to him HERE.

Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash

I founded Thompson Leadership to come alongside leaders like you. Together, we will unpack your unique leadership, unearth your biggest challenge, and create an action plan to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
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